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Arctic Fisheries Agreement

Will this agreement have an impact on the negotiations on fisheries subsidies in the WTO? “The new agreement will be important for the protection of the central Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing and will highlight the special responsibilities and interests of Norway and other coastal states in fisheries management in the region. The agreement will play a role in the implementation of the law of the sea in the Arctic and clarify the rights and obligations of coastal states and countries and long-distance water fishing facilities in the central Arctic Ocean,” said Ine Eriksen Søreide, Minister of Foreign Affairs. This agreement is an important part of the global fisheries management framework. It lays down precautions before the start of fishing in the region. This will avoid the problems that the world has experienced in other areas where unregulated fishing activities have developed in the past,” said Emil Ingebrigtsen, Minister of Fisheries. Overall, the CAOFA can be accurately described as an instrument that takes a precautionary approach to fisheries conservation and management within CAD. However, it should be taken into account that, given the current lack of commercial fishing within the CAO, combined with a low probability that commercial fishing will also take place in the long term, these precautionary measures result in a low cost for the Arctic Five plus five. At the same time, THE CAOFA probably offers the five Arctics the opportunity to reaffirm their special role as “Arctic Manager”. It may therefore be optimistic that the adoption of CAOFA is seen as an “important step towards the gradual transformation of the freedom of the high seas”.

However, the notion of real interest may probably be a little broader than usual, given that there is currently no fishing in THE CAO (but not too much at the same time, while taking into account the fact that the CAOFA works on the basis of consensual decisions, hence the risk of deadlock on the part of new parties to nature protection (do you think it is the IWC) is significant). . . .


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