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Collective Agreement Vs Collective Bargaining

With regard to the future of work: how to use Law No. 24901 of the Russian Federation on collective bargaining in compliance with collective agreements and agreements. (Vedomosti S`ezda narodnykh deputatov Rossijskoj federacii i verkhovnogo soveta Rossijskoj federacii, 23 April 1992, No 17, text No 890, p. 12111219) Section 9. Guarantees and indemnities during the negotiation period. During the negotiation period, participants as representatives of the Parties and experts invited to participate in the work of the Committees shall be suspended from their main activities and shall receive the applicable average remuneration for a maximum period of three months per year, and their participation in negotiations for the purpose of calculating the service time shall be taken into account. All costs incurred in participating in the negotiations shall be reimbursed in accordance with the labour law procedure, the collective agreement or the agreement. Collective bargaining is therefore really not a “problem”, but often a useful way to sit down and find creative “win-win” solutions. The employer shall give the trade union or workers` representative body the opportunity to inform each worker of the draft collective agreement drawn up by the parties and to provide these bodies with the internal means of communication and information in his possession, computers and other technical equipment, premises for meetings and consultations outside working hours and the necessary space for: Installation of black boards to be supplied. In the case of participation at the level of several representative trade unions (or trade union organisations) or bodies (or associations of bodies) empowered by the workers, the members of the committee representing the workers shall be appointed by common agreement between those representative trade unions (or trade union associations) or the bodies (or associations of bodies) approved by the workers.

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