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Norfolk Southern Wabash Agreement

March 1, 2000 – Designated Supervisor of Engineers Agreement (.html) This letter of understanding provides for the use of engineers for recertification visits and LET observations. Engineers selected under this agreement receive $240 per day. 2003 – 2003 National Treaty (. PDF) – Health and wellness and travel price provisions are the most important elements that apply to Nazi employees under the property agreement. Synopsis (. PDF) and Q-A (. PDF) for this contract. SMART TD Ratifies New Collective Agreement December 1, 2017 September 1, 2008 Preliminary Agreements This agreement is shown below between the proponents on the signature page below (hereafter referred to as SNS for convenience) and the Brotherhood of Engineers and Train Workers (called BLET for convenience) at this 1. September 2008. View Agreement PDF Q – A View Agreement PDF Side Letter and Personal Leave View Agreement PDF August 1, 2008 NS Proposed Agreement As submitted by the General Chairman to the rank and file August 1, 2008. Look at the PDF agreement July 30, 2008 Agreement Update Here is a copy of the preliminary agreement with Article XIV reproduced with the omitted paragraphs.

To avoid sharing the signature page, Anne had to change the gap throughout the document so that things would not be displayed in the same places as before, but nothing else was changed than to add the rest of Article XIV. We`re sorry for the mistake. View Agreement PDF 1991 – THE BLE led a national strike before Congress imposed the transaction. It is generally accepted that this agreement is the end of the “give backs” that had so marked our negotiations in the 1980s. This agreement is officially considered the agreement on the implementation of public law 102-29 of 7 November 1991 (. PDF). Letters of assistance (. PDF) are also included. 1985 – The national UTU agreement of 15 October 1985 sets in motion the concept of entry rates (75% to 95% in the first five years). Staff referees after 1985 were eliminated and reduced deadhead payments were imposed. Several problems of this agreement could not be resolved and were the subject of arbitration.

A number of agreed questions and answers were also included. May 1, 1996 – BLE / Norfolk Southern System Agreement (.html) This agreement governed separate wage and settlement decisions, with the exception of the national agreement negotiated that year.


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