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Ohrid Agreement Macedonia

The refugee reparation was completed in 2004. This provision of the agreement has been fully implemented. The framework agreement called for the voluntary dissolution of the Albanian rebel group The National Liberation Army (NLA) by 5 July 2001. This resolution did not take place on time. After meeting the goal of NATO`s arms collection in September 2001, NLA leader Ali Ahmeti told a press conference on 27 September that Albanian rebels in Macedonia had formally disbanded and had returned to their normal lives. He also invited Macedonian police to enter former NLA-controlled areas. [fn] “Rebels in Macedonia are officially withdrawing,” Agence France Presse, September 27, 2001. [/efn_note] There was a precondition for real compliance with the ceasefire agreement for the NATO operation. However, reports have been reported about ceasefire violations in various locations. This trend continued until January 2001. It can be said that the ceasefire has been maintained overall.

The framework agreement rejects the use of force for political purposes and preserves Macedonia`s unity by rejecting a possible ethnic division of the country (Macedonia, 13 August 2001, s. 1.1-1.2). In addition, it reaffirms a multi-ethnic Macedonia, while striving to better reflect this characteristic in the country`s public life by encouraging the development of local government to promote the “respect of identity” of ethnic communities (ibid., art. 1.3-1.5). The USIP describes the agreement as “[e]ssentially … the architectural framework for equitable representation of minorities in public administration, language rights, strengthening of local authorities, reintegration of territory held or conquered by the NLA, return of refugees and the completion of a census of the population under international control” (30 November 2002). The agreement establishes, among other things, a monitoring mission of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and orders an end to all hostilities and the voluntary disarmament and chaining of the NLA (Macedonia, August 13, 2001, art. 2.1).

With regard to ethnic origin, the agreement provides that minority languages used by more than 20% of the population are granted official status, and speakers of these languages are entitled to public services, primary, secondary and higher education, as well as all judicial proceedings in their native language (ibid., art. 6). Local governments have some political power to ensure that decisions are made in close proximity to those directly affected by their results (ibid., art. 3). Finally, the framework agreement lists the many constitutional and legislative amendments that must be made after ratification (ibid., Appendix A, Appendix C).


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