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Roommate Add Agreement

While it`s up to you to decide what you want in writing, the agreement is a good way to discuss common expectations when the group moves in. Make sure that anyone who signed the lease also signs the colocation agreement and remember that this type of contract usually only applies to the term of the lease. Under the terms of the lease, the lessor cannot recover the deposit from the outgoing tenant until a new tenant moves in to replace it. In case of necessary repairs or damages, roommates may lose all or part of the deposit. Including clauses that clarify the rules of your roommate agreement minimizes conflicts between roommates, ensures that everyone in the house understands what is expected of them, and helps roommates get a positive housing experience. Example: “Jack will live in the green room and Jill will live in the white room. Jack and Jill will be touring week after week to find out who has access to the parking lot. You can choose to place all utilities under the name of a roommate or distribute who gets what, but if you spread the costs in the middle, it may be easier to set up all the utilities under a roommate and make the other responsible for getting their half each month. The roommates agree that in the event of a serious and/or repeated breach of contract, the roommates may ask the injuring party to leave the agreement. If roommates ask a tenant to leave the apartment, they will do so within [#] weeks.

Example: “Jack and Jill are responsible for buying their own food, and each roommate must ask permission before consuming food that the other has purchased.” If you`re going out with someone while you`re living with roommates, you need to have a prior conversation about the expectations of the night`s guests. So what should a colocation agreement include? Be sure to cover all your bases by sketching out the specifics of each of the following eight factors. [Add here everything you want to agree on in advance. This could include a notification of leaving the city, informing other roommates in case of an emergency, etc.] While your city may have its own laws when it comes to quiet hours, sketching out noise rules is a good idea. A noisy roommate (or worse – two noisy roommates) can easily cause problems..


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