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Singapore Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement Pdf

Data sources: UN Comtrade Database, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and Board of Investment Sri Lanka – Singapore Tourism Board World Trade Organization (WTO) General Agreement on Commercial Services (GATS) defines 04 ways of acting, known as “type of delivery” The ministry said the agreement also contains one of the most liberal rules of origin. This will allow more exports from Singapore to qualify for the lower tariffs negotiated. The agreement is Sri Lanka`s first “modern and comprehensive” free trade agreement and, according to MTI, “will position Singapore as an early partner and supporter of Sri Lanka`s economic liberalization and development plans.” MTI described the main benefits of the agreement and said Sri Lanka would remove tariffs on 80% of Singapore`s exports for 15 years. Slsfta is the first comprehensive trade agreement signed by Sri Lanka and contains chapters on the following trade aspects: in an interview with Channel NewsAsia about the agreement, nimal Weeraratne, Sri Lanka`s High Commissioner in Singapore, said the two governments had seen that they could develop a “modern, comprehensive and higher quality free trade agreement” between the two countries. Singapore and Sri Lanka are also committed to improving access to each other`s services markets, MTI said, adding that the agreement includes areas of interest for Singaporean companies in the professional and commercial services, environment, construction and tourism sectors. MTI said Sri Lanka was Singapore`s 36th largest trading partner in 2017 and bilateral trade amounted to $2.7 billion. He added that the SLSFTA would “certainly be useful” for small and medium-sized enterprises and other potential investors interested in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan patients who travel to another country to receive health care….


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