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Stars Agreement Troy University

“The Alabama Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC) is responsible for monitoring and monitoring the STARS system. The information received by STARS students has been approved by THE AGSC” (Troy University, 2013). Domains: All transfer guides require courses in five areas. These are the same five areas of the Northeast Curriculum: Domain I: Written Composition Area II: Humanities – Fine Arts Area III: Natural Sciences and Mathematics Area IV: History, Social, Behavioral Sciences Area V: Pre-professional, Major; Choice courses (Zone V courses may vary by university, as shown on De Denip and Star sites.) Global Credits: 60-64 Programs presented in the Associate in Arts section and Associates in Science sections of the catalogue are curriculum guides designed to help students meet the requirements for newcomer and sophomore levels in the area provided for this purpose. The state of Alabama has, by legislative mandate, a articulation agreement between two- and four-year public colleges and universities, which guarantees half the hours required for each bachelor`s degree at Coastal Alabama Community College as long as the courses are in the approved program model. Program models are developed and approved by the National Joint and Transfer Committee and are available through the Committee`s Internet Transfer Guide called STARS. To use STARS, you need to know your main subject and the university or university to which you wish to transfer. Switch to via the Internet, enter the system and follow the instructions. What you find is a complete list of courses and options required for your selected degree divided into five sections called sections I to V. There are no riddles. Specific courses and itineraries are provided for your use. STARS stands for Statewide Transfer – Articulation Reporting System. For more information about stars, please visit the STARS website.

Why go to star stars? STARS is the national articulation agreement between two-year colleges and four-year public institutions in Alabama, which guarantees the portability of your courses at Alabama public universities. What do you do when you reach STARS? Follow the instructions to view and print your transfer guide. Fill out the information and check the requirements for your main subject at your university. Don`t forget to fill out and sign the university`s Zone V page of your choice. Why should you try stars? You can print a copy of the contract between you and the university, which is a guarantee for accepting the credit. All alabama public universities have STARS agreements with the college. Many private universities have also developed transfer guides to help students more. Who should visit STARS? Anyone considering going to the University of Alabama. How many times should you check STARS? As often as you like, as many times as you change your principal, and/or as many times as you change your mind about where you want to transfer. What do you do after STARS? Keep a copy of each contract for each university you are interested in. What if you get to your university? Explore yourself with your STARS advisor. Each university has a STARS or a transfer consultant.

Do you want to guarantee that the courses you complete with Calhoun Community College will be transferred to your selected college or university in the state of Alabama? Such a guarantee is possible if you use and follow the information available via the Statewide Transfer Articulation and Reporting System (STARS). Thousands of new Alabamas and sophomores begin their first university courses at our colleges before entering a four-year university. The smaller class sizes we offer mean more personalized attention, making it easier for you to move to the university experience.


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