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Western Togoland Agreement

The Region of West Toland was first colonized in 1884 by Germany and incorporated into the Togolese colony. After the defeat of Germany in World War I, the Togolese colony was divided into a protectorate between France and Great Britain. The western part of Togo became part of the British Gold Coast Colony, which became independent in 1957 to form present-day Ghana. Togo gained independence from France in 1960. In 1884, the German Empire founded the Togolese protectorate. Under the German administration, the protectorate was considered a model colony or model colony and experienced a golden age. During the First World War of 1914, Britain and France entered the protectorate. After the German defeat and the signing of the Treaty of Versailler, the western part of Togo became a British mandate, British Togoland. During the First World War of 1914, Britain and France entered the German colony of Togo in West Africa and approached the British colony of the Gold Coast to the east and, to the west, the French Dahomey (now benign). The victors of the war divided the region between British and French Togoland. In 1946, the United Nations (UN) approved a trust agreement that placed British Togoland (i.e. the west of the Region) under the authority of the United Nations and the administrative authority of the United Kingdom. 2.

decides, with the agreement of the management authority, that the trust agreement approved by the General Assembly in Resolution 63 (I) of 13 December 1946, the day of the independence of the Gold Coast and the union of the Togolese territory under British administration, will no longer be in force, the trust agreement approved by the General Assembly in Resolution 63 (I) of 13 December 1946. , since the goals of the Treuhandschaft have been achieved; Perhaps the most controversial political event was military intervention in the region in June 2020, before an election registration. An NPP MP, K.T. Hammond, linked the operation to the government`s attempt to prevent the registration of Togolese people in the region. However, the government attributed the operation to efforts to secure the country`s borders against COVID 19 infiltration. Even within the Volta region, secessionist movements appear to have little local support, with the region`s leaders condemning their actions. Therefore, negotiations with these groups for Ghana`s territorial integrity government can legitimize their claims with the potential to reverse the results of the 1956 plebiscite. However, the dismantling of these groups, as Acheampong did in 1972, would be a reaction of firefighters who do not address structural issues. Protesters gather for a demonstration demanding the sovereignty of the western LaTogole Region, after the von Nkrumah government, led by Prime Minister Kofi A., was called to the border.


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