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Winnipeg School Division Collective Agreement 2018

The arbitrator`s report indicates that no teacher contract has been signed since the passage of Bill 28 in 2017. In the last round of negotiations with teachers, all 38 agreements were reached in two years. Any teacher employed by the Ministry under a fixed-term teaching contract (formerly Form 2A contracts) for two (2) consecutive full years of school must sign a general teacher contract following an offer from the Ministry for a third consecutive school year and is retroactively entitled to seniority and unused sick leave. But the financial situation is not rosy for all school departments. Many of them have complained about provincial subsidies being cut or increases below inflation under the Progressive Conservative government. They were ordered to limit the property tax increase to two percent a year. He added that the insolvency argument should not come at the expense of teachers` salaries. Rebeck said it wasn`t the school department`s fault that the province was showing financial restraint. A teacher is entitled to one uninterrupted meal time between 11:00 .m and 14:00 .m per school day.

This meal time corresponds to the lunch break granted to the students of the school where the teacher is employed up to a maximum of 60 minutes. The agreement is a legally binding employment contract drawn up during collective bargaining with the employer and the trade union. A teacher may be absent from school for personal reasons under the following conditions: A deputy principal shall be remunerated on the basis of the academic qualifications and experience referred to in Article 3, plus a remuneration of fifty per cent (50 per cent) of the administrative allowance for that school. The average salary increase of three per cent over two years, between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020, is modest compared to the last round of negotiations with teachers in Manitoba, where salaries were significantly increased by two or three per cent per year. The collective agreement between the Winnipeg School Division and the WTA governs the terms and conditions of employment at the ministry. It serves to define the duties and protect the rights and privileges of workers and employers. .


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