Green Mission

Eco-friendly hospitality for sustainable tourism

Our Green Mission

We believe in eco-sustainable tourism and make investments that reduce or completely cancel environmental impact.

Hot Water

With sun energy and with artificial intelligence systems, 100 percent of  hot water is produced without using fossil fuels or electricity.

Electric Energy

The Resort has a photovoltaic system for electricity production with an annual production of more than 14 MegaWatts.


We are very attentive to waste collection by making constant policies for the reduction of waste volumes especially plastic waste.

Auto Charger

Three electric car charging stations are available, utilizing solar energy to power them.

Scogliera di Capo Vaticano in Calabria

Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission aims to make the resort completely independent of energy supply from non-renewable sources. Over the years we have implemented tools, combined with artificial inteligence, that allow us to take full advantage of the generous Calabria Sun. 

Using these policies, we save the environment an average of 30678.75 grams of CO2 per year

Hot Water from Renewable Sources100%
Electricity from Renewable Sources100%
Abatement of Plastic in Consumer Products70%
Smart Village Artificial intelligence applied to electricity consumption80%
LED lighting99%

Electric Bike Rental

Explore the Location on board our Electric Bikes. Fleet available for rental directly at the facility with sustainable energy charging.


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